One-stop-shop to all the services you need for your events

Just talk to a virtual event planner from keyboo to detail products and services you are looking for your event.

Our platform will filter and send your way only qualified vendors that match your needs.

This service is FREE for event organizaers

Just brief us on your event details and get proposals from the right vendors right on your e-mail or whatsapp

Get all the quotes you need, review them and choose only if you are 100% convinced.

Don't waste time contacting vendors one by one, let them come to you.

You never go over the budget as you set it up from the beginning. 

We filter and do a background check to every vendor on keyboo. Only professional vendors with recommendations are verified.

Over 3,000 venues, event planners, caterers, speakers, and all kind of service providers are ready to pitch their best proposal custom made for your event.

The best part. No comission fees per transaction. Direct negotiation with vendors.








3 easy steps to get your event going

1. Create the brief for your event: with the details and everything you need

2. Matching vendors receive a notification and interested ones will contact you

3. They'll send right over their proposals and you can negotiate with them and fine tune the quote

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Join and get access to corporate clients and partner with other event vendors.

Together we will find new collaborations and revenue sources to redefine the event industry.


New event services requests per week


Commission on sales


Verified information

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